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05 Jul 2017

As part of the RTX 2017 Animation Fest, I'm pleased to announce the RvB Music Panel will take place at the Austin Convention Center on Saturday July 8, 2PM in Room 10C.

Please note, this event is NOT listed in the main program -- to access the event from the RTX App, select "other events."

This year's panel is going to be really special: David Levy and I will demonstrate and discuss music we did for RvB, providing insights on how it was written, played, recorded, and arranged, and we'll have some special goodies to show you this year.  

We'll be joined by Joe Nicolosi, writer and director of RvB Season 15, to provide a directorial perspective during the Q&A.

This is our sixth year presenting an RvB Music Panel.

We've been getting inquiries if the RvB music panel is happening or not since it's not listed in the main program, so please spread the word, and we'll see you there!



Posted by: nico