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28 Feb 2020

In case you missed it, here's a video for Lucky.

Posted by: nico

24 May 2018

Red vs. Blue Season 14 Original Soundtrack is now available for pre-order!  

Posted by: nico

05 Jul 2017

As part of the RTX 2017 Animation Fest, I'm pleased to announce the RvB Music Panel will take place at the Austin Convention Center on Saturday July 8, 2PM in Room 10C.

Please note, this event is NOT listed in the main program -- to access the event from the RTX App, select "other events."

This year's panel is going to be really special: David Levy and I will demonstrate and discuss music we did for RvB, providing insights on how it was written, played, recorded, and arranged, and we'll have some special goodies to show you this year.  

We'll be joined by Joe Nicolosi, writer and director of RvB Season 15, to provide a directorial perspective during the Q&A.

This is our sixth year presenting an RvB Music Panel.

We've been getting inquiries if the RvB music panel is happening or not since it's not listed in the main program, so please spread the word, and we'll see you there!



Posted by: nico

06 Sep 2015

The RvB13 Soundtrack is now available on iTunes & Amazon etc!

We also updated our Music section with this new release.

Posted by: nico

25 May 2015

The fine folks at Rooster Teeth are having a music video contest using any Trocadero song!  Prizes are VIP tickets to RTX for two, and RT Store cash for the top videos.  Click here for details.

Posted by: nico

05 Dec 2014

Physical copies of the Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack are now available, and on sale at the Rooster Teeth Store for the next 36 hours!

Posted by: nico

05 Nov 2014

I never thought Trocadero would be top 40 anything, but here we are at #39 soundtracks on iTunes and #16 mp3 songs on Amazon.  Thank you, all of you who purchased our music for your integrity and support.  <333

Posted by: nico

30 Oct 2014

We're delighted to announce the immediate digital availability of the Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack on:



Google play

A CD is in the works and forthcoming before Christmas, but we wanted to get this out to you ASAP.

We'd like to thank everyone at Rooster Teeth, and especially Miles Luna who has had critical involvement in the development of the music for recent seasons of Red vs. Blue. 

We'd also like to thank TuneCore -- they've distributed all our music to iTunes etc for many years now.  Those fine folks are an invaluable resource to any artist, no matter how unknown (i.e., us), who wish to distribute their music.

Finally, thank YOU, yes you, cool person reading this.  Without you, we're just trees falling in an empty forest.

Posted by: nico

04 Jul 2014

Looking forward to seeing you all at RTX this weekend.  

There are two events where you can catch me:

1.  Music in RvB Seasons 11 and 12 panel, with the lovely Miles Luna and myself.  That's on Saturday at 3PM in Room 17

2.  I'll be playing a few songs at the RTX SideQuest Lounge event at Buffalo Billiards (201 E 6th St) on Sunday.  I'll go on around 10pm.  Not sure if tickets are available, but the venue is 18+



Posted by: nico

12 Nov 2013

Contact, the end credits song from Red vs Blue Season 11, is now on iTunes!

Posted by: nico

11 Nov 2013

RvB11:E19 should be up for everyone pretty soon.  The episode features two songs, one existing, one new.  

The existing song is called Third Wave and is available on iTunes and a bunch of other places.

The new song is called Contact, and will hopefully be up on iTunes soon.  (I'm told it was submitted.)

Posted by: nico

17 Oct 2013

We're making steady progress to make Red vs Blue Season 11 music releasable and available.

Last Monday's episode (S11:E16) has bits of a new song called Chorus we're working on.  

Like most (but not all) of Season 11's music, no keyboards were used.  This was in an effort to get back to early BGC and away from the synth-heavy sound of Reconstruction. On Chorus, I used those two pedals, but the sounds you hear are being generated by the venerable Danelectro baritone guitar and being played live through another pedal.

Thanks to the efforts of our warrior coder poet, the Notes section of went live today, with entries going as far back as 2004.

Posted by: nico

07 Oct 2013

For folks wondering, the song that plays in today's Red vs Blue episode (S11:E15) during the Caboose / Washington exchange is called Reverie Six (And Change) from Flying By Wire.  

It's available for download on



Google Plus

And in physical format (CD) at the Rooster Teeth Store.

Posted by: nico

26 Jun 2013

Trocadero | RvB music presentation at RTX!

I'm very excited to be doing a presentation at RTX this year! Click here if you think you'll attend! (Any relevant announcements will be posted there.)

When: Saturday, July 6, at 2:30 PM

Where: Room 16

What: Multitrack presentation of Red vs Blue music. 

If a song is like a person, imagine having that person take you home, and show you what's in their underwear and sock drawer. According to people who have seen me do this at CanWest, it's more fun that it sounds. [EDIT: No, not MY sock drawer, the song's]

Are there any Trocadero | RvB songs you'd like me to talk about in particular?

Posted by: nico

06 Jun 2013

Tracking new song "Contact" with Violet Heart.

Posted by: nico

01 Apr 2013

Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth!

Let's see, ten years old, that's like approaching puberty right?

Thank you for everything. <3

Posted by: nico

15 Feb 2013

Rooster Teeth just released a little tune we did back in the day for Grifball on iTunes!

For those of you who don't know, Grifball is an awesome sport in Halo that you should go play right now (it's on the Halo 4 and Halo Reach playlists.) It involves hammers, swords, a bomb, and the color orange, so it's pretty much perfect.

My love of Grifball started in 2007, when Burnie messaged me on Xbox Live and said "hey Nico come check this new Halo game we're trying out." It took about two rounds for me to "catch the disease," and this disease, Grifball, needed a song.

While working on the tune, I listened to a lot of 1970s TV sports show themes, but also wanted to use Taiko drums (like in Big Prize) because these huge Japanese drums captured the brutal, tribal aspect of the game, and sonically connected with the thunderous Gravity hammers in Halo 3 and Reach.

The tune didn't get finished until 2008, during a visit to the old Rooster Teeth offices on Congress. This was a very productive visit where a lot of Reconstruction was taking shape. When I wasn't distracted by the spectacular footage Burnie was capturing from Valhalla, I made some more tweaks to the song, adding the stacked thirds in the middle section, mostly to impress Matt, printed a mix, and then accidentally erased the entire project.

Anyway, thanks to Brandon (and Brian for the awesome art) our little Grifball ditty is now available at these fine places:


Google Play


A kind (or tortured) soul wrote a few words about it, which I'm sharing here because reading it makes me want to go play Grifball right now!

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME WANTON SADISM AND MORDANT RUMINATION ON THE EPHEMERAL NATURE OF EXISTENCE? Grifball, widely hailed as the only sport worth a damn, has a theme song that captures the heartwarming hilarity and stomach-churning slaughter that define the game.

HEAR the siren song of the horns calling you to greatness!

FEEL the drums hitting you like hammer blows to your sternum!

LOSE yourself in the roar of the crowd as your remains soar skyward during your final fleeting moments of existence!

Trocadero, the band that put the wang in the twang that accompanies episodes of Red vs Blue brings you the melody for the massacre that matters.

Posted by: nico

31 Dec 2012

Happy holidays, and best wishes for 2013 -- here's an oldie:

Posted by: nico

12 Jul 2012

Flying By Wire is now up on iTunes as well as the RT Store. We've also added clips and lyrics to in the Music section.

I realize that only a small percentage of people from the site actually went to RTX so I'll keep it short:

The Guardians as well as the attendees were awesome -- I know some of the lines were a little long, but people were really cool about everything. Guardians, you earned your shirts for sure.

It was awesome to run into old and new friends. I wish I had been able to spend more time with everyone, and I am grateful for the time I did get to spend with friends. (Dr Jones, dinner in Toronto.)

RT, you are the greatest company in the world.

People who listened to us on Saturday night, thank you <3 

The most number of people we've ever played for is maybe 150... to go from that to 1000+ is pretty terrifying, but you guys and gals were awesome and nice and forgiving. 

We hope you enjoyed the Trocadero rehearsal.

Posted by: nico

29 Jun 2012

Preview #3. Two songs again.

Fiftyis the tune that kept interrupting Tucker while he was trying to have a conversation with Church in Red vs Blue S9:E1

Bolt is a new song.

Posted by: nico

29 Aug 2011

Thanks for stopping by the RT booth at PAX!  If you picked up one of these cards, you'll be able to enter a code to get a special ringtone.  [EDIT: this expired on September 1, but still leaving instructions below.]

Finally, we'd love it if you'd stop by our brand new Facebook page!


Please enter the code written on your card in the field below. [EDIT: files removed]

Instructions for iPhone

1.Download and extract this file

2.Drag the extracted folder onto your iTunes window. They should appear in your Ringtones in iTunes

3.Connect your iPhone, select it in iTunes and choose the Ringtones tab.

4.Click Sync

5.On your iPhone, you can now go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone and pick your favorite tune.

Please note that the Android versions of the ringtones are high quality mp3 files, which may be suitable for BlackBerry and other phones.

Instructions for Android

1.Download and extract this file

2.Connect your Android to your computer

3.Your android should appear as an external hard drive.

4.Navigate to your Android's root directory, and move the mp3 ringtones from the extracted folder to the following folders:

/media/ringtones /media/notifications /media/alarms

5.If these folders don't exist, you should be able to create them, and your Android phone will recognize the ringtones.

That's it! Hope you enjoy these, let us know if you have any comments!

09 Jul 2011

We just got back from RTX, and we got sick as hell -- not from booze, but like a cold / flu. I sound like Barry White, which reminds me I should record my voice right now.

Thank you to all of you who made it there.

I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to have someone you've never met before say "hey, I liked this song," or "what software do you use," or "hey, I see you have a black pass, what do you do?"

Martha and I had so many heartfelt conversations with people we'd never met or known from the site that we were humbled at the proportions of the growth that this community, this empire of goodness, has experienced since I first joined, as a fan, in 2003.

I've said this before, but if no one listens to a piece of music, does that music really exist at all?

So thank you, you, people that I know, or don't know, or just met, for the greatest gift you can give to someone who likes to make music: your ears, and your hearts. (Your booze is just extra icing, and getting tossed in the pool extra extra icing.)

And thank you, Rooster Teeth, The Greatest Company in the World™ for creating this empire of goodness.

/NyQuil time

P.S. Martha, you sounded awesome.

Posted by: nico

14 Jun 2011

So, you might have heard Red vs Blue Season 9 started today.

Whenever a new season starts, I think back on how the first season has always been my favorite. The subsequent seasons were amazing, and contain my favorite episodes, but there was something about that "first kiss" with Season 1, that blend of Théâtre de l'absurde con punk rock that made an indelible mark on me. I fell in love with the show, and wrote a jingle.

Today, Season 9 starts, and with all the cool new stuff there, it may become my favorite season yet.

And speaking of love, I will be on Late Nite JengaJam tonight!

Posted by: nico

29 Aug 2009

I sometimes get the weirdest AIMs from Burnie.

Posted by: nico

10 Sep 2008

A few Reconstruction episodes ago, I wrote a short progression and played it on a Mellotron sampler (Think of the flute sound in Strawberry Fields Forever.) 

The progression wasn't set to a particular Recon scene; it was more one of those "throw some paint at the canvas and see what sticks." Sometimes, those little audio sketches "click" with Burnie's idea for a future scene and get further developed.

In this case, the progression was too bare and too boring to even show it to him, and a couple of days ago, it felt right to add a little Spanish-type guitar thing to it with the Telecaster, making it definitely unusable for Red vs Blue or Reconstruction.

Weird little Spanish doodle thing mp3

P.S. Sorry Luke, I'm totally ripping off your awesome "Today's Doodle," except in this case it's "This year's doodle."

Posted by: nico

09 Jul 2008

RvBTO was a blast, as always -- thanks to all who attended!

In order to cover our travel and hotel costs, we made a few T-Shirts and hats, and we still have a few of those left. Since the quantities are too low to warrant them being put in the Rooster Teeth store, we're going to put them up for sale here. [EDIT: these are all gone.]

Before we do that, however, I'd like you, the awesome cool kids who actually bought shirts and hats, to be our models. In other words, I'd like you to take some pictures of yourself wearing the shirts and / or hats.

If you could keep the following guidelines in mind, that'd be super:

1. The picture should be of you in front of a white, or light, solid wall.

2. The frame of the picture should be from the top of your head to your waist. (Doesn't have to be exact).

3. Take multiple pictures with different expressions, arm positions, etc..

Please also keep in mind that we're going to use these pictures for marketing purposes. If you are not cool with that, please don't submit!

Please send your submissions here.

Thank you!!!

Posted by: nico

26 Jul 2007

There are certain places or events which transcend the amazing people who create such events, either as organizers, or participants.

I know a lot of you had to make sacrifices, financial and otherwise, in order to attend RvBTO 3, and we want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us such a great weekend.

The show was fun, loud, and sloppy, but had that energy, the one that makes writing and performing music a fundamental part of life.

I want to especially thank the people who purchased the 50 copies of the Toronto Mixes CD that we created. You are all very special (in a non short-bus way), and I hope you like the CD.

Posted by: nico

21 Jun 2007

Thanks to everyone who made it to our show at TT's back in April! We've been in the studio working on our followup CD, and we'll have some new clips for you to check out in the near future. In the meantime, we have two shows lined up:

Friday, July 6: The Lizard Lounge 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The show is 21+, we'll go on around 11:30PM, but we'd recommend getting there a little early since the show might sell out, as we're playing with the ever so awesome band Angeline. (If you like the sound of the Casio vibes on our tune No One, well, Angeline's got the real deal.) Words can't express how cool and real this band is! The Lizard is an incredibly intimate venue where we'll be premiering two new tunes which appear in Red vs. Blue S5:E100.

Saturday, July 14: RvBTO. We'll be in Toronto, Ontario on Bastille Day for the RvB fan event RvBTO. We'll be performing at the after party on Saturday night at the Ram in the Rye, located at Church and Gould.

17 Apr 2007

It's on! T.T. The Bear's Place in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 21 (this Saturday) at 10:00PM. Tickets are 8$, and the show is 18+. Also appearing that night are The Break Mission, Huck, and The Curtain Society. Hope to see you there!

Also, Anime Boston is this weekend! I'll be joining Gus and Joel and we'll be at the Red vs Blue booths (#504 and #506) at the Hynes Convention Center.

Posted by: nico

11 Jun 2004

Thanks to all the fine folks who came over from Red vs. Blue and took the time to write us or signed our mailing list.

We've got a new sound clip up. This one is for a tune called Superhero. It was inspired by the DC Comics graphic novel Watchmen. Superhero is also the tune that Caboose boogies to at the end of Red vs. Blue S2:E28.

Our Music section also has Vale Deah (end credits of Season 1 DVD), Blood Gulch Blues (opening credits), and A Girl Named Tex from Red vs. Blue S2:E33.

23 May 2004

If you came here from Red vs. Blue, you might be curious to find out more about us.

The connection between Trocadero and RvB is through Nico, who makes music for those fine folks. You might have heard some of our music already, like Vale Deah, which plays over the end credits on the first season DVD, and also Blood Gulch Blues, which plays over the beginning credits.

Check our Music section for more songs, sound clips, lyrics, and art. We don't really have anything for sale right now, but please drop us a line and tell us what you think!