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25 Jul 2007

We received the most amazing email:

Your material is on the One Laptop Per Child! We're trying to see if we can get some summary statistics about it, and I'll keep you posted to let you know where your material has gone. Suffice it to say, we're sure that your material has made it as far as the test villages for the launch in Libya.

I'd been contacted a few months ago about submitting music to this incredible project which aims to create a $100 laptop for mass distribution for developing countries around the world. In addition to functional software, the laptops have entertainment which include games and music.

The One Laptop Per Child ( website is here

Three of our songs were selected: A Girl Named Tex, BATE, and Oh Five!

I can't begin to describe how humbling it is for all of us to be a tiny part of something that big.

Posted by: nico

11 Jun 2004

Thanks to all the fine folks who came over from Red vs. Blue and took the time to write us or signed our mailing list.

We've got a new sound clip up. This one is for a tune called Superhero. It was inspired by the DC Comics graphic novel Watchmen. Superhero is also the tune that Caboose boogies to at the end of Red vs. Blue S2:E28.

Our Music section also has Vale Deah (end credits of Season 1 DVD), Blood Gulch Blues (opening credits), and A Girl Named Tex from Red vs. Blue S2:E33.