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10 Sep 2011

In case you wondered why I brought my Danelectro guitar to PAX instead of my acoustic, it's because the case for the acoustic has been temporarily repurposed:

PAX was amazing, it was lovely to see folks there!
Posted by: nico

29 Aug 2011

Thanks for stopping by the RT booth at PAX!  If you picked up one of these cards, you'll be able to enter a code to get a special ringtone.  [EDIT: this expired on September 1, but still leaving instructions below.]

Finally, we'd love it if you'd stop by our brand new Facebook page!


Please enter the code written on your card in the field below. [EDIT: files removed]

Instructions for iPhone

1.Download and extract this file

2.Drag the extracted folder onto your iTunes window. They should appear in your Ringtones in iTunes

3.Connect your iPhone, select it in iTunes and choose the Ringtones tab.

4.Click Sync

5.On your iPhone, you can now go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone and pick your favorite tune.

Please note that the Android versions of the ringtones are high quality mp3 files, which may be suitable for BlackBerry and other phones.

Instructions for Android

1.Download and extract this file

2.Connect your Android to your computer

3.Your android should appear as an external hard drive.

4.Navigate to your Android's root directory, and move the mp3 ringtones from the extracted folder to the following folders:

/media/ringtones /media/notifications /media/alarms

5.If these folders don't exist, you should be able to create them, and your Android phone will recognize the ringtones.

That's it! Hope you enjoy these, let us know if you have any comments!

18 Sep 2008

Today, I received the visit of a distinguished mammal: Fairfax the Bunny showed up at my doorstep to say hi and to fill me in on some of the stuff I missed at PAX.

Fairfax belongs to a baby girl named Marissa. Marissa was diagnosed with a little-known condition called Infantile Spasms, and so Fairfax travels to different places to raise awareness about the disease.

I decided to treat Fairfax to some fries at one of my favorite joints, Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square:

After lunch, we practiced a little tune together (yes, some people looked at us kinda strange, but fuck 'em.)

It turns out Fairfax is a decent glockenspiel player.

So we put together a quick little instrumental which you can check out here.

This is Marissa's website, where you can send her warm wishes, cold cash, and where you can even get your very own Fairfax.

Posted by: nico