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05 Dec 2012

New Trocadero shirts available for sale at the Rooster Teeth Store!

These shirts were created for RTX -- the orange and white designs are printed on quality dark grey Anvil cotton T-shirts. They're lightweight, durable, and should compete with your favorite 16,384 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for comfort.

The design features Luke McKay's rendition of a 1950s US Air Force K-1 High Altitude Partial Pressure Helmet.

It's the same helmet that's on the cover of Flying By Wire in Art Kane's beautiful 1960 photograph.

Photo (c) 1960-62 by Art Kane

Sexy model: Miles Luna.

T-Shirt Photo Credit: Brian Behm.

02 Jul 2012


Flying By Wire, Trocadero's third full-length album, will be released on July 7 2012. The album features sixteen songs of new and unreleased music, four of which appeared in RvB Seasons 3-9. 

We'll also be performing at RTX on July 7 at 8PM at the Austin, TX, Convention Center.

Photo (c) 1960-62 by Art Kane,

Posted by: nico