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11 May 2022

You Were There is a 2 CD, 36-track retrospective of music we made from 1999-2019:

Physical CD here
iTunes here
Spotify here
Bandcamp here

Posted by: nico

26 Jul 2019

Happy Friday!  I’ll be doing an AMA (ask me anything) on the RvB subreddit here at 2PM Pacific today.  I’ll be joined by David Levy, Violet Heart, and Meredith Hagan — @DavidLevyMusic, @VioletHeartMusic @terraphim — stop by and ask us anything! -nico

TAGS: RvB, AMA, Reddit
Posted by: nico

28 Jan 2013

Rooster Teeth released a cool 10-year retrospective today -- you'll hear some familiar tunes in the background, and the end features a nice montage using Bolt from our latest record, which can be found here.

And here is a link to the RT video 10 Year Retrospective: The original cast of Red vs. Blue reflects back on the last 10 years of the show.

Posted by: nico

02 Jul 2012


Flying By Wire, Trocadero's third full-length album, will be released on July 7 2012. The album features sixteen songs of new and unreleased music, four of which appeared in RvB Seasons 3-9. 

We'll also be performing at RTX on July 7 at 8PM at the Austin, TX, Convention Center.

Photo (c) 1960-62 by Art Kane,

Posted by: nico

09 Jul 2008

RvBTO was a blast, as always -- thanks to all who attended!

In order to cover our travel and hotel costs, we made a few T-Shirts and hats, and we still have a few of those left. Since the quantities are too low to warrant them being put in the Rooster Teeth store, we're going to put them up for sale here. [EDIT: these are all gone.]

Before we do that, however, I'd like you, the awesome cool kids who actually bought shirts and hats, to be our models. In other words, I'd like you to take some pictures of yourself wearing the shirts and / or hats.

If you could keep the following guidelines in mind, that'd be super:

1. The picture should be of you in front of a white, or light, solid wall.

2. The frame of the picture should be from the top of your head to your waist. (Doesn't have to be exact).

3. Take multiple pictures with different expressions, arm positions, etc..

Please also keep in mind that we're going to use these pictures for marketing purposes. If you are not cool with that, please don't submit!

Please send your submissions here.

Thank you!!!

Posted by: nico

26 Jul 2007

There are certain places or events which transcend the amazing people who create such events, either as organizers, or participants.

I know a lot of you had to make sacrifices, financial and otherwise, in order to attend RvBTO 3, and we want to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us such a great weekend.

The show was fun, loud, and sloppy, but had that energy, the one that makes writing and performing music a fundamental part of life.

I want to especially thank the people who purchased the 50 copies of the Toronto Mixes CD that we created. You are all very special (in a non short-bus way), and I hope you like the CD.

Posted by: nico

21 Jun 2007

Thanks to everyone who made it to our show at TT's back in April! We've been in the studio working on our followup CD, and we'll have some new clips for you to check out in the near future. In the meantime, we have two shows lined up:

Friday, July 6: The Lizard Lounge 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The show is 21+, we'll go on around 11:30PM, but we'd recommend getting there a little early since the show might sell out, as we're playing with the ever so awesome band Angeline. (If you like the sound of the Casio vibes on our tune No One, well, Angeline's got the real deal.) Words can't express how cool and real this band is! The Lizard is an incredibly intimate venue where we'll be premiering two new tunes which appear in Red vs. Blue S5:E100.

Saturday, July 14: RvBTO. We'll be in Toronto, Ontario on Bastille Day for the RvB fan event RvBTO. We'll be performing at the after party on Saturday night at the Ram in the Rye, located at Church and Gould.