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Arpeggione can be heard in these songs:

Red vs. Blue Season 14 Soundtrack
Red Rockets
Day at the Office
Red vs Blue Season 17 Soundtrack
Blood Gulch Blue (feat. Meredith Hagan)
You Were There
Blood Gulch Blue (feat. Meredith Hagan)

An arpeggione is the offspring of a guitar, a cello, and a viola da gamba. It was first produced in the early 19th century, but aside from a Schubert composition, it never received much recognition until more recently when a revival in weird instruments reignited interest in the instrument.

It's essentially a cello with a fretted neck, six strings, and tuned like a guitar. It's meant to be bowed.

The only arpy I could find online that wasn't the price of a car was made by an outfit out of Hebei province in China called the Song Chung Musical Instrument Co.

Some modifications had to be made — replace the tuners, find the right strings, and under the care of the incredibly talented Scott Smith here in Seattle, the instrument received a new rosewood fingerboard, a crack that developed during shipping was fixed, and moveable frets were added.

The arpy gets used here as an overdub instrument to supplement synthetic strings and also as a "baritone upright bass." It's tuned like my Danelectro baritone guitar, as its body and scale as manufactured by the Song company is a copy of the famous cello "Sleeping Beauty."