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Camco drums can be heard in these songs:

Red vs Blue Season 17 Soundtrack
Harry's Recollection
Happened Before
Cooler Queen II (feat. Harry Benich)
Cooler Queen I
Minotaure (Dom Mix)

I learned about Camco drums from one of the finest human beings and drummers I ever met, Harry Benich.

The Camco Drum Company made drums from the late sixties (Oaklawn) until 1977 (Los Angeles) when the company was parted to Tama and Drum Workshop. Camco drums were different from other brands, and from themselves in each era, and while it's beyond the purview of these notes to go in detail, Camco drums are distinctive enough to merit their own entry.

The later, Los Angeles-made Camco drums have the particularity of sounding particularly "tympanic." Using angled, horizontally mounted bass drums and striking 100% animal skin using bachi, they've been useful not only as general percussion, but also as supplements to Taiko sample libraries.

Our Oaklawn and LA kits were restored thanks to the help of two professionals: Bob Saull provided guidance and located the rare missing hardware, and Chris Mattoon brought the orphan shells back to factory specs.