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A Girl Named Tex
Have you heard the story of
A girl named Beth, now known as Tex
Her life's tale is a bloody trail
Her name fits like a glove

Her daddy sighed as she slammed the door
She'd said to him I'm Beth no more
My life's dream is to kill for green
But first I'll join the Corps

Her daddy said, you're just a girl
What makes you think that you won't sink
My name is Tex and I'm like a hex
My playground is the world

Basic turned her gun to gold
Soon had it made, she'd hit by trade
Amassing kills, she proved her skills
Make your blood run cold

I once saw texas at a bar
Sippin rye, with some apple pie
With a distant stare, like she didn't care
She said what's with the guitar

I must admit my lips went numb
Some butter bar said, his face all red
She's too good, you're driftin wood
Said boy you'd better run

Texas said sir keep your peace
My heart is free, and so is he
I'll give it to, any man who's true
The safeties were released

He drew before he replied
But Tex was hot, and he was not
He lay dead, While texas bled
Crimson on her side

Yellow of rose of Texas clad in black
Lonely star tattooed upon her back
Double Tex, she'll hit you like a truck
Double Tex and she'll mess you up

Texas said
This could be my last I guess
I gotta go, and now you know
I want a song, to live for long
It's a fair request

Texas made it out I heard
But her one need, I did heed
I think of Beth, while mocking death
Like a mocking bird
A Girl Named Tex

This song is from the album Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

With grateful acknowledgments and appreciation to Mr. Cash and the genre of Cowboy Poetry dating back to the 1800s, we submit a ditty about the RvB character Tex. This tune originally aired on RvB Episode 33.


Nico Audy-Rowland: Danelectro baritone guitar, Moog Opus 3, Vocals
Brandon Erdos: Drums, Moog Taurus I
Sandy Casey: Vocals