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Vale Deah
I somehow knew you were there
Lookin' like you didn't care
I reached for the change in my pocket
I counted the change in my pocket

I wanted to buy you a beer
I somehow knew you were near
The bartender said it's okay...
Vale Deah

This song is from the album When We're Together.

Vale Deah is one of Trocadero's earliest songs, and we wanted to freshen it up by replacing the Opus 3 with Violet's smoking guitar playing. Vale Deah was one of the early Trocadero songs where Brandon played the Taurus pedals at live shows. Unfortunately, there were no cameras on Brandon's feet, so you can't see them. On some shots, you can see his left leg hitting the notes. People will tell you, Taurus pedals really need a killer sound system as they are more felt than heard, but with decent headphones, you should be able to hear a taste of them on these recordings.

For the studio version of this song, please go here


Nico Audy-Rowland: Vocals, Danelectro baritone guitar
Brandon Erdos: Drums, Percussion, Moog Taurus III
Violet Heart: Jay Turser guitar
Martha Marin: Vocals, Epiphone slide guitar