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Goldmine Blues
In Dublin Town
My blood was born
Ready for you

Perfect sunrise
Early '86
A score and two days
You were my fix

And I don't own the ocean
And I don't own these notes
The riches inside me
Never need locks

Thoughts of your smile
That run in my mind
Are priceless treasure
And a goldmine

And I don't own this rain storm
And no warmth I can feel
But I've got some riches
That no one can steal

Cause thoughts of your voice
That run in my mind
Are priceless treasure
They are a gold mine

I'm not too smart
I'm not too dumb
I'll care for you are
And whom you'll become
Goldmine Blues

This song is from the album You Were There.

The inspiration for this tune comes from Old Time music -- a genre of American music that predates Bluegrass. Much of its repertoire is vocal only, because people who wrote these tunes couldn't afford instruments, and a fiddle player was valuable because they could make you dance. Speaking of fiddles, Goldmine Blues features Christine Wu who wrote, arranged, played, and recorded the violins and celli.


Nico Audy-Rowland: Vocals, Danelectro baritone guitar, Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Dean banjo
Martha Marin: Vocals
Christine Wu: Strings
Clayton Scoble: Yamaha FG-140 guitar, Yamaha PSS-570 Keyboard, Harmonium
Ted Atkatz: Percussion
Steve Scully: Drums